The Place

The Place is a celebration of our attachment to our PLACE through, memory, beliefs, traditional knowledge, resources, social and cultural practice and relationships. This is an exploration into how we form our community and our community forms us. Families who are now or have in the past struggled with trauma, substance abuse, or mental ill health are invited to participate in fun, food, and inspiring activities. Contact Anita at or call 778-269-2407 for more information on the program and how to register for activities.

The Place belongs to families that don’t always get a chance to create together. Participants will work with, mentors, elders, artists and other supporters. The goal is to increase protective factors and resiliency of impacted families by increasing strength recognition, access to resources, and social participation. Families become leaders in their community by developing creative projects to share. 

The seed of this idea came from families asking for meaningful activities and connection to their community. We currently have space for new Participatory Council Members to join our advisory meetings. Participatory Council Members will represent families who will use the Place.

If you have any barriers to participating please let us know (for example, transportation or other issues). Contact Anita at

Website: Nanaimo Woman's Centre

Phone Number: 778-269-2407


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