Additional Resources for Families

BC Association of Family Resource Programs

The BC Association of Family Resource Programs is a not-for-profit provincial organization dedicated to promoting and supporting community-based Family Resource Programs (FRPs). FRPs are parent/child (aged 0-6) community hubs where families access support, opportunities for engagement, and community resources.

Phone Number: 604-738-0068 


Crisis Society Resource Book

They are a registered non-profit agency whose services include 24-hour crisis lines (providing crisis intervention, information, and resources); crisis chat and crisis text services; regional support of Suicide Bereavement Support Group meetings; Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training workshops, training in schools with youth and teachers; and various workshops and customized training addressing suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and communication skills for individuals and agencies throughout our communities.

Phone Number: 250-753-2495


Nanaimo Youth Services Association (NYSA)

The overriding purpose of NYSA services is to provide social support to vulnerable, ‘at risk’ youth for the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Every program service offered is free and incorporates an effective element of basic life skills, practical employment readiness training and health education features that assist in equipping youth to participate and be fully included in the life of community.

Direct services to ‘at risk youth’ has become more sophisticated over time due to new research and evidence carried out on youth as a Population Health group from a Resilience and ‘Successful Transitions to Adulthood’, literature perspective.

Phone Number: 250-754-1989


Strong Nations, Terry Mack

Strong Nations is considered to be one of the largest Indigenous bookstores in North America. It is with commitment and passion that they continue to bring the best Indigenous resources to all Nations.

Phone Number: 1-888-278-2202


Surviving in Nanaimo

Phone Number: 250-754-4251 

The Community Dental Clinic (CODE)

Community Organized Dental Clinic (CODE) is a Low Cost (not for profit) Dental Clinic operating in Nanaimo with volunteer practitioners. Not for Profit means that CODE will, on behalf of the volunteer practitioners, advise patients of the true costs of the treatments or procedures provided. Additionally CODE will send the insurance forms for service to the different dental plans. Patients will be asked to cover half of the costs of their treatments to the clinic.

Phone Number: 250-591-0771  


(Many organisations and agencies publish newsletters and a calender of events. Please visit the websites for more information)

Quick Summary

 BC Association of Family Resource Programs 604-738-0068 
 Crisis Society Resource Book 250-753-2495 
 Nanaimo Youth Services Association (NYSA) 250-754-1989
 Strong Nations, Terry Mack 1-888-278-2202
 Surviving in Nanaimo 250-754-4251   
 The Community Dental Clinic (CODE) 250-591-0771 

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