COVID-19 Activity Ideas 

Songs, activities and breathing exercises for Early Childhood Educators

• A 10-minute self-regulation activity from Heart-Mind online that integrates playful movement breaks throughout the day when energy is flagging

• Tips for caregiver self regulation 

• “Everything changes in the rain” a guided meditation to the sound of rain from Susan Kaiser Greenland 

• A fun and easy breathing exercise that you can use with kids

• Sing along to "Take a Breath" by Raffi with the little ones to help them deal with stress

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada- BC: 

To support parents who are connected to the VLRC- BC Early Intervention program, we have partnered with Blind Beginnings, BC Blind Sports & Recreation and PRCVI, (Prov. Resource Centre f/t Visually Impaired) to provide a weekly email that will include an Activity of the Day. 

Most of our contact with families has been around the issue of parents looking for ideas or activities, so we will be producing an Activity of the Day supporting development for kids with vision loss and blindness.  

If you have a child with vision loss or blindness please contact to receive the weekly flier directly to your email.

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